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Maps Of Suberia

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The Maps of Suberia & Baronia show the travels of Achil and his companions Nishga, Andreas and Nicholas; they are a guide to the many places they visited, and the incredible adventures they had.

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Book I

The Dragon Lord Of Osgaroth

Book II

The Rise Of The Mandrake

This is the map which shows the Journey of Achil and Nishga on their first adventure together.


Book III

The Kingdom Of Jin

After the battle for Findolin the companions venture into the East to discover what it is that Jin is plotting


Book IV
The Witch King Of Baronia

In Achil's most daring adventure to date he and his companions must cross into lands which are occupied by peoples and creatures which are both treacherous and dangerous. And where once more Nishga proves herself to be someone of incredible power and ingenuity.

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