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Adam David Papa-Adams

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Adam David Papa-Adams lives currently in Kent in the UK, and has visited briefly such European countries as France, Holland, Greece, Germany and Belgium, and Perth in Western Australia - he has a Master of Science Degree and is a Performance Poet, and Novelist. He has written poetry and short stories since childhood and looks at the world from the view point that people are troubled when they talk of society being a place where dogs should eat dogs. He sees this as insanity which we should all say no to, and that it would be more advantageous to build a better happier community which he feels is paramount for the longterm growth of humanity. He does not believe in Social Nepotism, where it is who you know, rather than what you know that means you succeed in life, but he prefers a society built on Meritocratic virtues, of integrity, probity, and hope and a willingness to succeed for the whole, and not the one. In his capacity as a poet; he has raised money for the Royal British Legion, Macmillan Cancer relief, Tear Fund, Age Concern (as it was called back in the day), and many others. His talk at the first 'Unxplained' conference on ‘Angels and Demons,’

was very well received. Many terms have been applied to explain the type of person he is - enigmatic is probably the most prominent, and yet there is no one word to describe him or anyone as each individual is made up of many parts. His beliefs are simple, that all should be treated with love, compassion, tolerance and understanding; and that there should be equality for all people of every social class; prisons should be updated to become Community Recovery Centres, and that everyone deserves free education to a higher level. He is the writer of the theory of 'Diminished Social Behaviour, and the Omnipresent Social Memory,' which is a self-published work and he believes in Inspiring, Innovating, and Investing in people.

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